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Immersion Program

The Desafía Tel Aviv Immersion Program enables companies to acquire the right tools and methods to plan & execute a strategy to build a company just like it's done in Israel, the startup nation, and in Hong Kong, the gateway to scale-up to the Asian market.

After a highly competitive selection process where less than 10% of applicants are accepted during an orientation and validation day in Madrid, you'll participate in a three-week immersion program in Tel Aviv and Hong Kong filled with activities, meetings and workshops. These include:​

Overview of Israel as a Startup nation and Hong Kong as the scale-up location and gateway to Asia

Workshops and practical exercises ranging from pitching and go-to-market strategy to fundraising

Cyber security: the know-how and perception of Israel as The Cyber nation

Mentor speed dating and networking sessions with world-class experts, executives, entrepreneurs and investors

Visits to R&D centers, hubs & accelerators in Israel & Hong Kong


After the program you'll have all the tools you need to make informed decisions and plan your next steps. 

Apply to our next Immersion Program and become part of a tight-knit community of successful entrepreneurs that will last well beyond the program through the Desafía Tel Aviv Immersion Alumni network.


Small and medium-sized technology companies that:

  1. Are based in Spain or are founded by a Spanish citizen

  2. Have traction (revenue and
    or funding)

  3. Consider the Asian market of strategic importance

  4. Have a CEO or CTO who
    is fluent in English and will attend the program




  • Applications : July 1st to September 10th


  • Orientation DaySeptember 3rd, 2020

  • Program​: September 14th to October 16th


The Desafía Tel-Aviv Immersion Program
is made possible through the generous support of our founding partners.

The Program is free.


Participants only have to cover travel, accommodation and living expenses while in Madrid, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong.

However, due to the covid-19 situation, the program will done remotely this year, with virtual sessions of 1.5 hours / day.

Agenda (tentative)

Week 1 (14/09 - 18/09)

Introduction week - Learn about the ecosystems & Entrepreneurship

Week 2 (21/09 - 25/09)

Improve your startup “Tool Week" - Workshops around product, technology, go-to-market strategy… 

Break - 28/09 - 1/10

Week 3 (05/10 - 09/10)

Scale your startup - Learn how to talk to clients and customers, strategy for IPOs…

Week 34 (13/10 - 16/10)

Pitch your startup - "Investors Week"

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